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One-of-a-Kind Identity Authentication Technology

BindID - drive revenue

Drive Revenue

Satisfied customers means better business and customer loyalty. Smooth and seamless authentication guaranteed all the time for each and every user.
BindID - centralized network

Centralized Network

Be part of a global network of trusted members that authenticates instantly with the best user experience. No more logins and resets while providing steadfast security.
BindID - wowful

Wowful Experiences

Ultimate usability with quick deployment. Support users across all channels including web apps, mobile apps, call centers and in-store. Boost user adoption and end identity attrition with a unified authentication experience.

Powered by a network of trust.
Enable instant authentication.

BindID is the most advanced identity authentication network. Universal identity passports in our digital network know each user before you do. The full power of trust based network technology identifies infrequent users, new devices, different channels and applications without passwords, ids, usernames or resets.

Welcome to the power of the digital identity network.

BindID - identity network

Paving the way towards a safe biometric future

A committed member of the FIDO Alliance board.
At the forefront of delivering the highest standard of identity experiences and innovative technology that reduces the world’s reliance on passwords.
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BindID - fido alliance big

One-of-a-kind technology. Go app-less. Access the network. Go

BindID - bindid network

Brilliant. Instant. Secure.

Customer authentication based on FIDO2 and OIDC standards that use device biometrics instead of passwords. Maintains device trust overtime. It is so secure and sophisticated that it’s used by the largest financial institutions in the world.

Delight your users.
Eliminate friction. Done

No passwords. No user ids. No resets.

Seamless experiences every time. All the time. Onboarding new users, infrequent users or power users is always easy and frictionless. Enable true passwordless experience with no user ids, resets or failed logins.
BindID - bindid security

Identity portability.
Scalability on another level. Complete

BindID - bindid speedy deployment

Speedy deployment. Cutting edge. Now.

Implement instantly. Across all channels. All devices. All users. Scalability like never before no matter how large your enterprise. This is the new standard of identity authentication that gives an endless intelligent and easy experience.

The industry approves

How Transmit gives teams clarity with their identity challenges

BindID - ubs
We wanted a platform that has a lot of flexibility.

Oliver Schraner
CTO, Infrastructure and Security

BindID - software factory

As a vendor product, if I want to solve a problem with Transmit, there are many options, and most of the time they have multiple ways to solve the problem. You don’t see this with many vendors.

Eric Padua
Head of Architecture

BindID - tiaa
It took us 4 hours to do the same control with the exisiting system.

Rob Davis
Director, Digital Identity Services

Where Identity & Simplicity Come Together

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