Simplify, accelerate, and reduce the cost of identity-related projects

One platform to orchestrate authentication, authorization, regulatory compliance, fraud prevention, and account opening across all your channels and applications.

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Consolidate and accelerate multiple initiatives in the identity space

Behavioral analytics, biometric authentication, attribute-based access control, advanced device identification, transactional risk scoring, government identity-card validation, and multi-factor authentication are just some of the projects you can manage and accelerate using the Transmit Platform.

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Say No to Passwords

Passwords are the weakest link in securing access to your applications. Biometric techniques, new devices and new device sensors provide exciting possibilities. However, they can be expensive to deploy and manage. Transmit Security makes it simple by connecting your applications to authenticators like face recognition, eye recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint and OTP. You will be able to do trusted device binding, primary authentication, secondary authentication and respond to security risks immediately. Deploy any policy instantly. No change to your application required!

The end result is higher security, better user experience and a higher bottom line.


Looking for biometric authenticators? Unsure how to deploy new biometrics to your customer-base? Worried about FAR, FRR and other aspects of biometrics? Looking to cut integration cost and time to market?
Interested in creating a seamless authentication experience for your customers to your web application, call center, ATM or branch? Interested in increasing trust across channels for higher security?
Looking to eliminate passwords so your customers will never need to remember or type passwords even when they onboard a new device or switch to another channel?
Interested in allowing your users to do more than 90% of their online activity without needing to interactively authenticate? Looking for advanced behavioral and device identification capabilities to authenticate users in the background?
Are too many fraud detection tools and feeds impacting your customer experience? Need a straight-forward solution that correlates them all and gives instant control over secondary authentication processes and transaction limits?
Want to increase security by getting rid of knowledge-base questions? Interested in using mobile devices and biometrics like fingerprint, voice recognition and face recognition for secondary authentication across channels?
Interested in getting rid of hardware tokens? Want to use biometrics on the mobile device instead? Looking for a migration path that minimizes risk?
Do your applications require multiple types of OTPs using SMS, Email, push notifications, and soft tokens? Interested in creating a centralized OTP service that your applications can automatically consume?
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