Account Opening

Enable enhanced digital experiences while driving down new account fraud

Carefully orchestrate the full account opening process to achieve the delicate balance required between customer experience, compliance, and security.  Transmit makes it easy to configure, modify and deploy end-to-end onboarding journeys consisting of identity verification, decisioning, account registration and provisioning, and client credentialing.


Dynamically change flows to improve customer experience and controls without the time and expense typically required to code every change


Orchestrate all digital identity verification and risk tools to minimize friction and provide instant session decisioning and onboarding


Reduce fraud by intelligently leveraging digital identity verification and authentication tools to accurately identify qualified customers with minimal friction  


Enjoy full visibility of each flow with the ability to see where users struggle and where errors occur


Optimize and consolidate the mix of solution providers required to reach decisions to lower third party provider costs 


Easily share processes and journeys across multiple applications and channels to save time and costs while providing consistent user experiences

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