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Frictionless Identity Experiences

BindID eliminates the friction and frustration of passwords, giving customers a seamless, omnichannel identity experience. This improves the entire customer journey, leaving you with happy, loyal customers.

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Better for Business

Account lockouts and recovery processes can turn customers away and reduce revenue. Passwordless authentication makes logins effortless and keeps customers engaged.

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Ensured Security

Passwords are the root cause of account takeovers. Eliminate potential attacks by implementing strong FIDO2 biometric authentication. Leave nothing for hackers to steal and ensure your users’ data stays private and secure.

How it works

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Log in using a mobile device

Using a mobile device, users can easily log in to any website or app using facial recognition or a fingerprint scan.

Log in using a computer

Access any web account using face recognition or finger scan using the built-in biometric reader of your laptop.
CTAP and WebAuthN are components of FIDO2
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Log in using a computer
with no biometric reader

If a user doesn’t have a built-in biometric reader they can log in to any web account using their mobile device to authenticate — no app download needed.

BindID: The Future of Passwordless Authentication

BindID is a passwordless authentication service that uses strong FIDO2 biometric authentication for a reliable omnichannel authentication experience. The easy-to-integrate solution ensures a smooth login experience for all your customers across every device and channel.

How a Passwordless Experience Accelerates Your Growth

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Reduce Customer Churn

Forgotten passwords, locked accounts and reset processes cause customers to flee — leaving organizations with lost potential revenue. With BindID, customers are guaranteed a seamless, consistent experience every time.

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Increase Customer Loyalty

Thanks to the effortless and secure identity experience that BindID offers, customers are more likely to return. Encouraging returning customers which naturally leads to more profit.

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Optimize Usage Monitoring and Personalization

BindID ensures that for every account there is only one intended user allowing
companies to more accurately monitor and personalize their user journeys. Leaving customers with a heightened sense of loyalty and more potential revenue.

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