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How it works

Log in using a mobile device

Using your mobile device, easily log in to any website or app using face recognition or finger scan.

Log in using a computer

Access any web account using face recognition or finger scan using the built-in biometric reader of your laptop.

Log in using a computer with no biometric reader

If a user doesn’t have a built-in biometric reader they can log in to any web account using their mobile device to authenticate — no app download needed.

How BindID Solves the Password Problem

BindID is the only passwordless solution that eliminates passwords from every part of its architecture. Unlike traditional passwordless services that bolt biometrics onto an outdated framework, BindID is built with a totally passwordless architecture. This means that customers can enjoy a faster, safer experience while enjoying your products and services — all without ever being obligated to create or remember a password.

BindID provides strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) on any device and across all channels, including non-digital channels like kiosks and call centers. Specialized digital keys ensure that your customers’ biometrics will never leave their devices, keeping their personal information private and secure.

Unlike typical identity management solutions, BindID is quick to deploy, requiring as little as weeks and as few as one developer to enter production. By eliminating the overhead from password-related support issues and infrastructure, BindID provides a cost-effective and rapid-fire solution.