Passwordless Workstation Login

Real Passwordless for Windows, Mac, and Virtual Desktop

Replace password-based credentials and hardware-based tokens for Windows, Mac, and remote virtual desktop computers with secure authentication technologies such as FIDO-based biometrics, QR codes, mobile push, and TOTP. Transmit Security offers a passwordless login solution that not only removes passwords throughout an organization, it also continuously monitors risk to dynamically deploy security measures in real time.

Full Password Elimination with Trust


Uses the latest FIDO-based authentication technologies and real-time threat mitigation


Can authenticate in milliseconds depending on risk context and how a user journey is configured


Leverages existing mobile devices and tools users are already accustomed to for online and offline computer login


Supports a broad range of OS platforms and authentication technologies for assigned and shared devices


Real-time identity, risk, and AI-enhanced decisioning detects and automatically challenges suspicious activities as they happen


Drag and drop new and existing MFA technologies, business policies, and trust profiles as you need them

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