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Workforce Solutions

Transmit offers enterprise-grade identity solutions from simply modernizing the web access management infrastructure to securely eliminating passwords throughout an entire organization.

User/device profiles and behavioral analysis manage risk in real time

Increase Security

Secure self-service and identity services consolidation

Reduce Costs

Convenient authentication tools and risk-based dynamic friction

Improve User Experience

Workforce Password Replacement

Modern authentication technologies such as biometrics and mobile devices can replace both traditional passwords and tokens to reduce risk and improve the user experience for desktops, VPNs, VDI, cloud applications and more.

Access Management+

Replace CA SiteMinder or any other legacy web access management platform with Transmit Security’s complete access management solution plus real-time risk controls and centralized identity logic management with our Journey tools


Call Center and Helpdesk

Transmit can integrate and orchestrate fraud indicators and employ risk control processes for customer call center and workforce helpdesk identity journeys including new account opening, authentication, and authorization.

Multi-Factor Authentication 

Use any combination of third-party or built-in authenticators including OTP, soft tokens, and FIDO-certified biometrics for both customer and workforce projects.

Enterprise-Grade Soft Token

Transmit’s built-in TOTP soft token is resilient to man-in-the-middle and database breach attacks where it is uniquely positioned to address many current and upcoming regulatory requirements.


The Transmit platform can act as an identity provider (IdP) or work with any standards-based IdP by accepting SAML or OpenID Connect tokens for SSO into SaaS and on-premises applications.

Directory Services

Transmit includes a built-in directory server that implements a wide range of LDAP and related standards, including full compliance with LDAPv3 and support for Directory Service Markup Language (DSMLv2).

User/Device Profiles

The Transmit platform tracks hundreds of user and device variables to build dynamic profiles then uses them to evaluate activities in real-time to assess risk, adjust authentication friction, manage access controls, and provide detailed reporting.