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Identity experiences that are 100% user-centric

Seamless authentication solutions that work for you and your users — no matter how large or small your business
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Why Transmit - a better way to authenticate

A better way to authenticate

Frictionless identity experiences are the driving force behind our technology. We deliver a fully cross-functional authentication solution that is agile, intuitive, and easy to use — without ever sacrificing on the user experience.

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Passwordless experience

Delight your users with a frictionless, passwordless user experience that’s smooth and effortless. Our solutions are equipped with the latest, ready-to-use, FIDO2 technology which ensures an optimal user experience and strong authentication using biometrics.
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Innovative technology

Powered by the latest technology, our solutions allow for seamless authentication experiences which in turn increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. By eliminating friction and frustration, businesses are able to reduce all forms of identity attrition and save substantial costs.
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Stronger security

Older methods such as one-time validations and 2FA are not enough to deter fraudsters. With the combination of highly secure device biometrics and the standardized protocols of FIDO, our solutions are able to track and gauge risk across all platforms, sessions, and devices.

Digital identity solutions that are truly agile, instant, flexible and user-friendly


With new risk vectors and threats popping up every second (and increasingly complicated privacy and data regulations to adhere to) Transmit Security empowers you to adapt to both at lightning speed.


Using the latest in biometric technology, users can gain access to accounts with just one touch. No more user ids, failed logins, locked accounts or dreaded password resets.
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Why Transmit - iam flexible and user friendly


Many users rely on a multitude of channels across devices on a daily basis. Implement an omni-channel user experience that allows users to effortlessly flow between all platforms, devices and channels.


Security and usability are no longer a trade-off. The combination of strong, built-in biometrics within devices and FIDO2 technology allow for a user experience that’s usable, familiar, secure and easy to use.

Proudly serving enterprises including

What you can really do with Transmit Security?

Delivering you truly user-centric passwordless experiences is one thing. Here’s how a seamless identity experience can directly impact your business.

Why Transmit - customer security
Reduce customer authentication from 1 minute to 2 seconds
Why Transmit - post login interdiction
Slashed post-login interdictions from 10% to 0.05%
Why Transmit - employee authentication
Standout with a delightful authentication experience that increases customer engagement
Why Transmit - call center
Implement FIDO2/WebAuthN across all applications and channels within weeks
Why Transmit - mobile biometrics
Eliminate password resets, user ID resets, and failed login attempts
Why Transmit - identity orchestration
Implement strong customer authentication without tokens, OTP, or apps

And that’s just the beginning.

Find out more about what your enterprise can do with Transmit Security

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