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The Business Case for Transmit Security, Part 1 - IT Development Time and Costs

Updated: Jan 8

Over the past two decades, new identity-related capabilities have been integrated directly into the applications they served. The application code decides when various capabilities are called and how they are used. Any changes or updates to the identity capabilities require code changes in the applications. Any changes or additions to the user journeys in each application also require coding. And of course, every code change requires extensive review and testing for validation and protection against errors and oversights.

Today, a typical (and highly simplified) identity management architecture in a large company looks something like this.

Here, any application that requires an identity-related function connects directly to that function. Most organizations now have hundreds (if not thousands) of integration points in their identity architecture. These organizations are burdened with orchestrating all identity-related tasks through this hardcoded, point-to-point integrated mess. This approach causes organizations to pay a heavy price – the infrastructure is inflexible, and changes take forever.

From Months to Hours

One of the fundamental benefits of the Transmit platform lies in abstracting all risk and identity related functions away from the applications and then providing easy graphical tools to design and implement needed changes. This virtually eliminates the need for coding within applications, which slashes the time and resources traditionally required for identity and risk related development projects.

“We had supported … roughly 100,000 lines of code between UI and service orchestration. We were able to eliminate 60,000 lines of code with Transmit.”

Rob Davis


The dynamic nature of identity authentication and fraud detection requires institutions to continuously adapt to ongoing and seemingly perpetual changes in the market. The changes may include adding new identity capabilities, reacting to new business and regulatory requirements, or reacting to new security risks and fraud vectors.

After the initial implementation of the Transmit platform, clients find that changes can be made in hours or days vs. the weeks and months traditionally required. A new authenticator that would traditionally require several months of effort to deploy may be implemented in less than a week with Transmit. Moreover, the Transmit platform virtually eliminates the need for vendor professional services often required to modify identity or risk systems. Everything can be configured by the client using the Journey Editor.

“Being a large organization, it takes a long time for us to put something in and to take something out. It was an 18-month cycle unfortunately. So, [using Transmit] they're able to put it in easily - flip a switch to turn it on or turn it off.”

Emily Ricketts

Wells Fargo

“Previously, we had to create a new control for one of our applications and it took us about 3 to 5 months to develop, test and roll out. [With Transmit] it literally took us 4 hours to do the same control.”

Rob Davis


Slash IT Development Time and Costs

Transmit Security has helped some of the largest global companies transform their identity management capabilities. The vast majority of Transmit’s clients reduce IT development costs for identity-related projects by over 90%. Transmit’s platform can support virtually any identity-related use case across the organization.

To summarize, Transmit customers find the following benefits:

Slash Internal Development Costs

  • Software development lifecycle costs for new identity projects and for every time there is a new business/regulatory requirement, security risk or fraud vector

  • Additional application coding after the initial implementation for updates, error correction and integration to related systems

  • Ongoing maintenance and management of home-grown solutions

  • Application and integration testing for code changes

Accelerate Project Timelines

  • Up to 100x faster speed to market due to coding elimination

  • Compresses customer identity project roadmap into use cases that can be delivered and accelerated

“Transmit is a very agile way to seamlessly and continuously strengthen our authentication. The software allows us to continuously build new mechanisms to authenticate without having to go in and rip apart what we’ve done previously.”

Rizwan Khalfan

TD Bank


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