Transmit Platform

 Low Code platform for building identity journeys in customer and workforce applications

Drag and Drop Engines

An intuitive drag and drop interface to design user identity journeys that involve authorization, authentication, KYC, fraud prevention, regulatory requirements, and more. The entire project team can collaboratively design, build and test identity journeys in the full-featured visual integrated development environment (IDE).  User journeys can be configured in hours and shared between applications across the enterprise. 

Completed journey workflows can be pushed "over the air" and played in any application that is connected to Transmit, without making any code changes to the application and without the need to re-publish the application.  The Journey Player is incorporated into your applications as an SDK and is responsible for playing the entire journey inside the application. The Journey Player works with the Transmit Orchestration Engine which orchestrates the journey and defines the next steps on either the client or server side.

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Authentication Engine

  • Out-of-the-box support for FIDO, FIDO2, device biometrics (fingerprint and face), Windows Hello, OTP (web, mobile and voice), soft token, voice biometrics, face recognition, visual patterns, passwords, PIN codes, knowledge-questions, and more.

  • Manage primary login, multi-factor, and step-up authentication across various applications and channels: Web, Mobile (iOS and Android), Windows, Mac, server applications, and more.

  • Build rules for authentication failures across different authenticators and devices and take various actions when thresholds are reached.

Transmit Security is providing workforce and customer passwordless solutions for the largest organizations around the world. "We highly recommend integration of passwordless methods using code in an IAM orchestration platform, such as Transmit, to support complex customer-facing portals." Forrester Analysts →


Trust Engine

  • Device trust including Web Device ID, Mobile Device ID, Cryptographic binding for mobile devices, trust based on attributes, usage and anomalies.

  • User behavior profilers monitor and profile normal user behavior across devices, applications and channels and detect anomalies with machine-learning algorithms.

  • Built-in connectors to third-party risk detection solutions. Rules for orchestrating and weighing outputs from various sources across various channels and applications and triggering authentication and authorization based on trust.

KuppingerCole Fraud Reduction

Transmit Security is an Overall Leader in KuppingerCole 2020 Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platforms report. "Transmit Security should be on the shortlist for any organization looking for fraud reduction solutions." KuppingerCole Analysts →

Authorization Engine

  • Out-of-the-box support for leading standards: OpenIDConnect, OAuth, SAML, LDAP, ODBC and more.

  • Authorize based on trust, regulatory requirements, business rules, roles, attributes and more. Make authorization decisions at run-time by orchestrating various data sources.

  • Reach access decisions in run-time and call for actions such as authenticating, blocking an activity, approving an activity, notifying of an activity, requesting authorization from multiple users across multiple devices, and signing transactions and user requests.

Integration Engine

  • Easily integrate any 3rd-party authenticator and identity validation service such as government identity card validation, mobile phone network validation, and credit bureau validation using configuration and without writing code.

  • Easily integrate any 3rd-party fraud detection tools and anomaly detection tools using configuration and without writing code.


  • Easily integrate existing IAM solutions from vendors such as Okta, Microsoft, Ping Identity, CA, Forgerock, as well as web services, databases, and directories using configuration and without writing code.

Transmit Security Platform Whitepaper

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