Account Recovery

Account Recovery for Every Scenario

Password resets are consuming IT resources and driving customers away. In fact, 92% would rather leave a website than recover their credentials. Let us eliminate the burden of password resets.

Flexible account options.
Happy customers.

Start every customer journey with frictionless digital onboarding and a delightful experience.

Your customers need always-on access to their accounts, but passwords are an easy path towards account lockouts.

Password resets not only frustrate customers, but add significant overhead.

Our flexible account recovery options make it easy for customers to gain quick and secure access to their accounts so they can continue doing business while you free up IT resources.

Self-service account recovery made easy

We know account recovery can be challenging and as your business scales, so do account lockouts.

Growing your business without the burden of password resets is now possible.

We make it easy for customers to regain access to their accounts through intuitive self-service options via trusted devices, trusted contacts and passwordless methods.

Account recovery for every scenario

No matter where, how or when customers are logging in, account recovery is a breeze. 

With the Transmit Security xCIAM Cloud Platform, you can deliver better customer experiences while eliminating the overhead and frustration of password resets.

Recover via trusted device

Once registered with the Transmit Security xCIAM Cloud Platform, customers can transfer trust from their registered device to other devices through a QR code scan.

If a customer loses access to one of their devices, they can simply recover their account using one of the other trusted devices.

Recover via trusted contact

No other trusted devices? No problem.

Customers can also designate a trusted contact to recover accounts on their behalf.

The trusted contact simply accepts the recovery while the customer quickly gains access to their account — all without the cost and complexity of a traditional password reset.

Recover via passwordless

In addition to trusted devices and trusted contacts, customers can also recover their account through a magic link.

Magic links are a one-time use link sent to a trusted email address. Customers simply click the link and will simultaneously recover their account.

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Your next identity project just got a lot simpler

Working with multiple identity vendors creates security holes, compatibility issues and expensive maintenance costs.

A consolidated, cloud-native platform eliminates complexity and frustration while preparing your organization for tomorrow’s identity challenges.

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Secure unique persons. Not unique passwords. Go 100% passwordless with BindID.
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Password & MFA replacement FAQs

Passwordless authentication is the process of verifying a user’s identity with something other than a password. A viable alternative to password-based authentication is the use of biometric information such as face or fingerprint.

Yes. As passwordless authentication removes the use of passwords altogether (the root cause of 81% of security breaches) it is more secure by its very nature.

Unlike passwords that can be easily guessed and therefore lead to compromised accounts can be compromised or SMS codes and email links can be intercepted, passwordless authentication relies on the users unique biometric information which can’t be altered, compromised or stolen.

Yes. Passwordless authentication is an excellent solution for both workforces and enterprise. It solves the issue of security and improves the identity experience which in turn improves the entire customer experience.