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Simplify, accelerate, and reduce the cost of identity-related projects

One platform to orchestrate authentication, authorization, regulatory compliance, fraud prevention, and account opening across
all your channels and applications.


Large enterprises choose to work with us because we help them consolidate and accelerate multiple initiatives in the identity space while still supporting their existing IAM technologies. Our platform engines save massive development, maintenance, and license costs, allowing faster adoption of innovation while avoiding building more "legacy."

For your customers

Improve account opening and KYC processes; keep pace with biometrics across different devices; create a unified omni-channel authentication experience; add soft-token capabilities; improve fraud prevention; add attribute-based access control; and comply with regulatory requirements such as Multi-factor Authentication and privacy and consent management—all on a single platform.


For your employees

Get rid of passwords when logging into desktops, laptops, VPNs, VDI, cloud applications, and web applications; add strong device identity and device risk scoring for employees; build conditional access control based on risk, location, behavior, and service sensitivity; add strong device binding and device
re-registration capabilities; and remove contact center costs for user re-credentialing and device provisioning


Over-the-Air Journeys

Over-the-Air Journeys is the technology that sets Transmit apart from all other vendors. With Over-the-Air Journeys, application owners can use graphical tools and an orchestration language to design simple and complex user journeys that involve authorization, authentication, KYC, fraud prevention, regulatory requirements, and more. Once done, these journeys can be pushed "over the air" and played in any application that is connected to Transmit, without making any code changes to the application and without the need to re-publish the application

The Most Secure Identity Services Hub

Biometric authenticators, traditional authenticators, KYC tools, risk and fraud engines, behavioral tools, directories, and device security tools are all part of the Transmit Identity Services Hub—the biggest and most secure identity hub in the world. The Transmit Identity Services Hub includes secure, built-in connectors to dozens of third-party tools, dozens of built-in tools, and a flexible, secure plug-in architecture that allows you to add anything and everything. With Transmit, there is no need to integrate each of these tools with your applications—they're already integrated out of the box.

On-premise, cloud or hybrid

The Transmit platform can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid mode. Switching from one option to another or adding more locations can be done in a matter of hours. Deployments that require dozens of servers with other IAM solutions can be compressed into one or two servers with Transmit. Why? Unlike other IAM solutions, which are based on a 20-year-old architecture, Transmit is built ground up for the modern world—with cloud, mobile and APIs, billions of identities, and thousands of applications in mind.

Mobile First

IAM solutions are based on an architecture designed 20 years ago, way before mobile applications, IoT, APIs, and new web technologies were introduced. As such, these solutions struggle with modern use cases and require long and complex development cycles to adopt innovation. Transmit is the only solution designed ground up for mobile applications, IoT, APIs, and new web technologies, allowing fast, easy, and customized implementation of dozens of modern identity-related use cases.


Some of the projects we can help you with

Account opening
and KYC

Multi-Factor Authentication

Using the Mobile Device
Across Channels

Call Center Authentication and
Transaction Approval

Transaction Signing

Risk Engine Orchestration and New Fraud Prevention Techniques

Passwordless Employee Login

The Most Secure and Convenient Soft Token and TOTP

Directory Services and

Directory Aggregation

Federation Services and SSO

IoT and API Access Management

PSD2 and Regulatory Compliance

Strong Device ID, Device Risk and

Device Management

Zero Trust Networks

Other Use Cases Not Listed Here

Web Access Management


Biometrics, Behavioral,
and FIDO

Strong Customer Authentication



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