FlexID changes the way your organization views identity

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Maximize Revenue with Zero Attrition

Increase revenue with easy user processes at every step. Passwordless authentication slashes user churn and protects your bottom line.

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Continuous Security

Prevent & detect fraud with real-time, risk based automated security. Our one-of-a-kind low code technology needs no hard coding so immediate security is always at your fingertips.
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Agile and Seamless

Ultimate usability & functionality across all applications, channels and devices with actionable insights. Easy flows allow teams to complete complex tasks in minutes while keeping your identity stack fully protected and agile.

A complete identity platform Your identity challenges.

Paving the way towards a safe biometric future

A committed member of the FIDO Alliance board.
At the forefront of delivering the highest standard of identity experiences and innovative technology that reduces the world’s reliance on passwords.
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Spearheading newest technologies. Immediate security at your finger tips. Check

Low code. Easy to implement. Enjoyable to use.

Seamless identity journeys are at the core of FlexID. 
It features advanced identity technologies like our drag and drop authentication models.

Custom designed journeys let you understand user behaviour, device trust, abnormal activity alerts, machine learning and more. It’s so sophisticated that it’s used by the largest financial institutions in the world.

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Wow your users.
End your identity attrition. Done

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Understand your users. Their actions. Their needs.

Identity analytics let’s you do this. In real-time. All the time. Your users are our first priority. The most advanced features give you instant alerts when your users are stuck.

Challenges they may face on different devices are stopped before they can even begin. A truly frictionless experience is here to stay. Forget about user identity attrition. Your organization is now in a safe place with reduced costs of 90% and an end to user frustration.

Infinitely Scalable
Bring identity together. Complete

Zero infrastructure. Practical. Smart

Limitless scalability no matter how large your enterprise is. Just one easy integration. With a centralized identity framework this is the new standard of identity security. Working across teams in your organization is smooth and efficient.

Identity is brought together in one place with ultimate operational capabilities and functionality. Transmit Security brings it all together for an endlessly intelligent experience.

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The industry approves

How Transmit gives teams clarity with their identity challenges

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We wanted a platform that has a lot of flexibility.

Oliver Schraner
CTO, Infrastructure and Security

FlexID - software factory

As a vendor product, if I want to solve a problem with Transmit, there are many options, and most of the time they have multiple ways to solve the problem. You don’t see this with many vendors.

Eric Padua
Head of Architecture

FlexID - tiaa
It took us 4 hours to do the same control with the exisiting system.

Rob Davis
Director, Digital Identity Services

Where identity and simplicity come together

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