FIDO2 Authentication

5 Ways Transmit Security Can Help you Quickly and Easily Deploy FIDO2


Use a single authentication platform that supports FIDO and FIDO2. FIDO use cases require a FIDO-certified server to communicate with your applications and with the different FIDO authenticators. The Transmit Security platform includes a FIDO2 and FIDO UAF certified server to support all your FIDO use cases.


Drag and drop different FIDO authenticators into applications and run test scenarios without changing application code. Transmit Security's low-code technology allows you to quickly integrate FIDO2 use cases into your applications and systems with minimal work.


Design journeys for registering and authenticating users with FIDO-based technologies. Registering FIDO2 authenticators is one of the most sensitive activities your application needs to do. With Transmit you can design and deploy secure and convenient registration journeys across all your applications.


Consolidate existing authenticators such as password, OTP and knowledge-based questions with FIDO authentication to create MFA solutions that support FIDO and non-FIDO scenarios


Add the dimension of trust to monitor usage and user behaviors on FIDO-based devices for an extra layer of security.

Transmit Security is providing workforce and customer passwordless solutions for the largest organizations around the world. "We highly recommend integration of passwordless methods using code in an IAM orchestration platform, such as Transmit, to support complex customer-facing portals." Forrester Analysts →

Identity and Access Management (IAM)


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