Transmit Security at
Identiverse 2021

Denver, CO, USA or virtually
Craig Currim
World Wide VP Solution Engineering, Transmit Security

Identiverse is where the brightest minds in the identity industry come together to meet, learn and collaborate about the future of identity. With over 200 information-rich sessions, master classes and workshops on the latest technologies and industry trends, Identiverse allows you to meet with industry experts and sharpen your skills. Learn more about the hybrid event experience that took place in Denver, CO.

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Masterclass: No Passwords. No App. No Problem. Delivering on the Promise of FIDO

  • Passwordless FIDO-based authentication is widely accepted as one of the most secure methods to validate users, however most implementations require users to install dedicated mobile apps and set up countless device and web application pairings. In addition, many of the processes that are needed to register and replace FIDO-enabled devices create weaknesses that can be easily exploited by cyber criminals. Join us for this information session to understand both the power and limitations of FIDO, and discover how Transmit Security’s latest breakthrough overcomes these challenges to create a new class of reliable, consistent and convenient passwordless authentication for your users.


The CISO Perspective: Keeping up With the Ever Changing Customer Authentication Landscape

  • In this session, experienced CISO, Stephen Ward will lead an intriguing discussion with fellow retail CISO Ryan Knisley, from Costco. They will discuss the ever changing customer authentication landscape and the solutions they have implemented to keep up with the massive increase in .com traffic post pandemic. Join us in this Transmit Security sponsored session to find out why centralized, unified authentication is crucial for your overall customer experience, customer retention and fraud prevention.

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