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Transmit Security at 2021 Authenticate Conference

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Join Transmit Security at 2021 Authenticate Conference

Authenticate 2021 brings together passwordless innovators and thought leaders who are guiding us into a new era of secure and easy authentication. The three-day conference, hosted by FIDO Alliance, is set up to uncover the what, where, why and how of strong authentication, based on FIDO standards.

It’s the event (virtual or in person) where you can get the ‘know how,’ best practices and tools to roll out simple and secure authentication for your workforce and customers. You’ll gain access to 50+ sessions — all designed to educate you on business drivers and technical considerations. 

As a FIDO Alliance board member, Transmit Security is proud to be a presenter. Transmit Security’s VP of Product Niv Goldenberg will speak on the topic of, “Passwordless Authentication Beyond FIDO: Solving Big Challenges That Remain.” His recorded session will be on-demand on the event platform. If you’ve decided to go passwordless, don’t miss his talk!

In light of a record number of data breaches in 2021, now is the time for stronger authentication. Join us and walk away ready to ditch passwords!

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