Stopping Account Takeovers in Southeast Asia With Passwordless Customer Authentication

icon clock small 07:00 AM icon calendar small 7 April, 2022
Ian Sorbello
Principal Solutions Architect, Transmit Security
Simon Moffatt
Founder & Analyst, The Cyber Hut

Account takeovers are on the rise in Southeast Asia. 

Learn how you can stop them right now.

Southeast Asia is suffering from an outbreak of account takeover (ATO) attacks targeting vulnerable consumers. Fraudsters are racking up billions in illegitimate purchases — and driving your customers away with every successful hack. It’s time to take back control by eliminating the attack vector used in more than 80% of ATOs: passwords

Join passwordless identity expert Ian Sorbello and industry analyst Simon Moffatt from The Cyber Hut to take a deep dive into account takeovers. We’ll explore how hackers gain access to your customers’ accounts and how to quickly deploy the best possible defense: a customer-centric passwordless authentication service.

“Obliterate credential-based attacks and set back fraudsters – a clean sweep for the good guys.” — Ian Sorbello, Customer Identity and Access Management SME.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The tactics cybercriminals use to infiltrate customer accounts
  • How eliminating passwords effectively puts an end to the vast majority of cyber threats
  • Why your best defense against the rising tide of ATOs is a customer-centric passwordless authentication service (and how to implement one)

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