How Passwords Destroy Your Business One Frustrated Customer At A Time

Mickey Boodaei
CEO & Founder, Transmit Security

Passwords are destroying your business. Consumers abandon websites due to identity friction creating irreparable damage to a company’s brand.

In this webinar we will share insightful information from 600 surveyed American customers on their use, perspective and reaction to password-based logins. The results overwhelmingly prove customers want and need organizations to go passwordless.

Mickey Boodaei, CEO and Founder of Transmit Security presents key findings of the survey and discusses the necessity for authentication to evolve beyond passwords.

Topics include:

  • How passwords create frustration and reduce customer satisfaction
  • Impacts to customer experience and how companies lose millions over poor practices
  • Passwords and credential sharing implicates your business and security

Learn more about these valuable insights from Mickey himself as well as the methods and tools you can implement to overcome the challenges.

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