CTECH Mind the Tech

Rakesh Loonkar
President, Transmit Security
Mickey Boodaei
CEO Transmit Security
Mei Orbach
Editor and Journalist, Calcalist

Calcalist and CTech’s Meir Orbach interviews Transmit Security’s Mickey Boodaei and Rakesh Loonkar about how Covid19 has affected the cyber industry

Learn more about:

  • The latest trends for the coming year in cybersecurity
  • How Covid19 has accelerated the growth in cybersecurity
  • The weakest links in cyber security today and what the future holds

2020 has been a huge growth year for cyber security companies. Covid19 has impacted the industry and brought new challenges to solve across the board. The future trend in cyber lies in identity and access security and the next 100 years will bring huge opportunities for cyber.

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