Enterprise Password Replacement

Passwords are still widely used today to authenticate employees, contractors, and partners into enterprise systems despite the fact that they continue to be the top cause of data breaches year after year. The adoption of second-factor authentication tools such as tokens and biometrics has helped to increase security, however systems that still rely on passwords remain at risk from lost or stolen credentials used to access unprotected back end systems.

Transmit Security offers a passwordless login solution that not only removes passwords throughout an organization, it also continuously monitors risk to dynamically deploy security measures in real time.



  • Solutions for Windows 7, 8, 10, Macintosh OSX, VPN, and Citrix VDI

  • Broad range of authentication options including FIDO/non-FIDO devices, biometrics, push-to-mobile, intelligent QR codes, and OTPs

  • SSO using on-premise or cloud-based directory services

  • Support for both online and offline device authentication

  • Customizable mobile app or use Transmit Security’s Journey Editor to integrate with existing

  • Vendor-agnostic integration of authentication and risk services

  • Real-time identity, risk, and decisioning detects and automatically challenges suspicious activities as they happen every step of the way

  • Programmable User Journeys can be added to require additional authentication steps based on business policies or risk scores

  • Helpdesk integration to authenticate users before high-risk events such as device replacements or access requests to sensitive systems


Enterprise Passwordless Replacement

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