Deliver a smooth and frustration-
free authentication experience.

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Keep Customers

A third of customers will simply abandon their cart at checkout if they can’t remember their password. Give customers a quick and painless login experience to get them back to shopping and enjoying your services.

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Drive Revenue &

Authentication is a pivotal part of the customer journey, and frustrating password problems can lead to unhappy customers or lost revenue. BindID removes these obstacles by eliminating the need for difficult password recovery processes and call centers.

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Support Every Type of

Infrequent customers often forget their passwords, and even regular customers rely on long-lived cookies to store their credentials. Customers using BindID can easily log in using their biometric credentials, meaning they never have to memorize or write down their password again.

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How it works

BindID removes the burden of creating and remembering complex passwords by completely eliminating them from the login process, instead allowing customers to scan biometrics to authenticate. Customers using BindID can use the biometric scanner on their device to register and log in to any of your services, including non-digital channels like call centers and kiosks.

BindID easily integrates into your authentication process with or without an existing app. BindID automatically accesses the biometric data previously stored on their device to cut down on configuration time and make registration as quick as possible.

Why BindID?

BindID is the only passwordless solution that eliminates passwords from the entire login process. Customers will never have to rely on sticky notes or long-lived cookies to remember their passwords — all they need is a registered device and their biometrics. With BindID, customers can get back to enjoying your products and services faster than ever, driving revenue and improving loyalty.

Unlike typical identity management solutions, BindID is quick to deploy, requiring as little as weeks and as few as one developer to enter production. By eliminating the overhead from password-related support issues and infrastructure, BindID provides a cost-effective and rapid-fire solution.

Eliminate forgot my passwords - How it works


Passwordless authentication is the process of verifying a user’s identity with something other than a password. A viable alternative to password-based authentication is the use of biometric information such as face or fingerprint.

Yes. As passwordless authentication removes the use of passwords altogether (the root cause of 81% of security breaches) it is more secure by its very nature.

Unlike passwords that can be easily guessed and therefore lead to compromised accounts can be compromised or SMS codes and email links can be intercepted, passwordless authentication relies on the users unique biometric information which can’t be altered, compromised or stolen.

Yes. Passwordless authentication is an excellent solution for both workforces and enterprise. It solves the issue of security and improves the identity experience which in turn improves the entire customer experience.

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