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Customer Solutions

Transmit is helping the largest organizations in the world increase security, improve user experience, and reduce operational costs 

Use a continuous adaptive risk approach that monitors and orchestrates suspicious activity across channels and applications and dynamically enforces authentication and authorization actions without the need to write custom code into applications.

Increase Security

Full cross-channel visibility means customers are accurately recognized across products and channels.  Results are far more precise and consistent. Authentication challenges are required only when necessary.

Improve User Experience

Eliminate the need for coding identity and risk journeys within applications, slashing the time and resources traditionally required for identity and risk related development projects.  Replace expensive, antiquated third party solutions with built-in tools

Reduce Operational Costs

Biometrics, Behavioral, and FIDO

Transmit not only provides you with state-of-the-art biometric behavioral authenticators but also provides the many layers needed to properly manage the authentication experience, which varies from one user to another.

Account Opening and KYC

Build account opening journeys by orchestrating Know Your Customer (KYC) and identity-proofing tools, such as scanning a government identity card and comparing the photo on the card to a live video stream of the user’s face. Access third-party databases such as Mobile Network Operators for identity validation.

Strong Customer Authentication and  Transaction Signing

Strong Customer Authentication is a new mandatory requirement for authenticating online payments, which requires payments to be authenticated using at least two of three elements.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Transmit supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) for both customers and employees. The platform includes a large set of built-in authenticators such as OTPs, soft tokens, biometric authenticators, and knowledge-based authenticators, and full FIDO support.

Risk Engine Orchestration and New Fraud
Prevention Techniques

Built-in behavioral profiling capabilities. Automatically profile devices, locations, access times, activities, transactions, payments, and many other factors. Machine learning for device identification to add trust in known user devices. Orchestration of third-party fraud detection engines using simple graphical design tools.

Using the Mobile Device Across Channels

Turning the mobile device into a global authenticator across all your channels makes a lot of sense both in terms of the user experience as well as security. With a single, unified authentication device, users feel more comfortable moving between channels, and you gain much better visibility and control over security.

Call Center Authentication

Transmit can be leveraged during various call center identity-related journeys  such as account opening, authentication, authorization, and risk detection. The platform can be used to orchestrate risk indicators and drive various decision and authentication processes.

With its authentication, authorization, compliance, and orchestration capabilities, Transmit is the ultimate platform to implement PSD2 RTS and other identity-related regulatory requirements. It provides flexibility and speed to market and is overall the perfect platform to balance security and regulatory requirements with customer experience. 

PSD2 and Regulatory Compliance

Federation Services and SSO

Single sign-on (SSO) allows users to log into one application and then switch to other applications without the need to re-authenticate. The Transmit platform is designed to either act as an identity provider (IdP) or work with any standards-based IdP by easily accepting SAML or OpenID Connect tokens for SSO into SaaS and internal applications.

The Most Secure and Convenient Soft Token and TOTP

Transmit includes a set of built-in authenticators, one of which is an enterprise-grade soft token TOTP. The Transmit soft token is resilient to both man-in-the-middle and database breaching attacks and is uniquely positioned to address upcoming regulatory requirements.

Strong Device ID, Device Risk and Device Management

Being able to identity the user’s device and leverage its security capabilities leads to increased security overall and, very often, an improved user experience. Device ID and device risk technologies can be orchestrated with other authentication and risk detection techniques to determine the right level of access for each session.