Customer Solutions

Seamless and safe customer experiences that can adapt at business speed

The Transmit Platform can accelerate and simplify virtually any customer identity use case.  Transmit  uniquely combines Authentication, Trust and Identity Management for creating, managing and orchestrating user journeys in a centralized platform.  Risk and trust factors are dynamically integrated into every authentication and authorization decision.  Improve user experience by reducing unnecessary friction while significantly reducing risk.

Customer user journeys can be quickly modified to support continuously changing technology, customer and market demands.  Transmit’s drag-and-drop low-code platform provides everything you need to configure and deploy sophisticated customer user journeys in a fraction of the time.

Account Opening

Carefully orchestrate the full account opening process to achieve the delicate balance required between customer experience, compliance, and security. 

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Passwordless Multi-factor Authentication

Use any combination of third-party or built-in authenticators including OTP, soft tokens, and FIDO-certified biometrics to fully orchestrate risk-based MFA.

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Trust-based Passwordless Payments

Actively and adaptively enforce authentication and authorization actions based on real-time cross-channel contextual insights.  Minimize friction while maximizing security. 

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Trust-based Contact Center Authentication

Orchestrate the latest mobile, authentication and risk technologies to automatically identify and verify callers with minimal friction.

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