Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Use any combination of authenticators including OTP, soft tokens, and FIDO-certified biometrics to fully orchestrate risk-based MFA

Most Passwordless solutions continue to fall back to passwords when more advanced authenticators fail.  Not only does this open the door to clever fraud attacks, but also adds friction back into the authentication process - completely defeating the purpose of a passwordless approach. Transmit’s passwordless solution fully eliminates passwords!

Full Password Elimination

Risk-based Decisions

Beyond adding authenticators, the Transmit platform continuously monitors risk to dynamically deploy the appropriate authenticator and actions

Eradicate Passwords

Multiple step-up and fall-back authentication mechanism designed to fully eliminate the need for passwords across the organization

Open Platform

Vendor agnostic integration and orchestration of authentication and risk services to support all customer and workforce projects

Highly Flexible

Use any combination of authenticators including FIDO/non-FIDO devices, biometrics, push-to-mobile, intelligent QR codes, OTPs, soft tokens, and more

Helpdesk Integration

Authenticate users before high-risk events such as device replacements or requests to access sensitive systems

Satisfy Users

Provide multiple intuitive, user-friendly authentication options that minimally disrupt users

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