IAM vs. CIAM: Why You Need a Purpose-Built CIAM Solution for Your Customers

Why traditional IAM solutions will not suffice to serve and secure your customers.

Guide: You Need a Purpose-Built CIAM Solution

Discover the key differences between traditional IAM and CIAM solutions

As digital transformation continues to explode, security and customer experience has had to evolve at a rapid pace in order to meet the needs and requirements of demanding customers. Given the emphasis on the expectation for smooth customer experiences and airtight security, the need for a dedicated Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) service has become a strategic business imperative.

It’s a common misconception that traditional IAM can be repurposed for your customers, however in this piece, we discuss the critical differences between IAM and CIAM solutions and why your business needs a purpose-built customer authentication service to properly serve and secure your customers.