The Impact of Passwords on Your Business

Passwords, despite their bad reputation, are still very much in use throughout all industries – inevitably leaving customers to deal with poor user experiences and companies with an immense loss of revenue. 

As our world continues to rely on digital services for almost every factor of our lives (think: banking, grocery shopping, work and socializing), the need to manage our digital identities has become something that customers and vendors need to properly manage. In fact, in order to provide a seamless online identity experience for customers, it should be at the forefront of any customer experience journey and part of any security plan. 

The findings of this report show the trouble with passwords and how necessary it is for authentication methods to evolve beyond the use of passwords.

Topics include: 

  • The current state of authentication.
  • Why password sharing implicates your business, revenue and security.
  • How complex authentication methods lead to negative user experiences.
  • How FIDO2 is paving the way towards a biometric future. 

Discover why passwords are to blame for loss of revenue, identity attrition and poor customer experiences. 

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