Trust-based Contact Center Authentication

Automate all identity decisions to improve accuracy, speed and customer experience

Orchestrate the latest mobile, authentication and risk technologies to automatically identify and verify callers with minimal friction. Focus live agents on helping clients instead of squandering valuable support time on user authentication. 

Automated Identity Decisioning

Improve User Experience

Eliminate KBA and other unnecessary authentication steps to provide a frictionless, safe experience

Reduce Call Time

Automating identity decisioning frees up agents to support customers and resolve questions

Risk-Based Decisioning

Reduce fraud by dynamically integrating risk and trust into every payment decision

Reduce PII Exposure

Keeping customer data secure through automated decisioning enhances security, privacy and compliance


Optimize and consolidate the mix of solution providers required to reach decisions to lower third party provider costs


Easily share processes and journeys across multiple applications and channels to save time and costs while providing consistent user experiences

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