Today is World Password Day (WPD). Its intention is to remind everyone to practice good password hygiene. This includes creating strong passwords, changing them frequently, making sure every one of them is unique, and so on. Sage advice! But let’s face it — it’s not trivial. Most adults in modern societies have dozens of user accounts that require good passwords.

This day provides lessons for ordinary consumers. But what’s the lesson for digital leaders whose services require password logins? At best, your method of providing secure access is hard to use. More often than not, it’s both hard to use and it fails to protect user accounts against compromise. And at worst, it’s unusable by people with disabilities like dyslexia or cognitive decline. 

This week, I had the fortune of attending the Liminal Summit, a conference for investors in and executives from identity and access management (IAM) companies. There are many dozens of companies in the broader IAM space providing authentication, directories, orchestration, ID proofing, digital wallets, and so on. From what I saw at the Summit, few of them have invested in putting an end to passwords like we are doing at Transmit Security. Why not?

The answer is simple: many IAM companies are really good at passwords. They’ve built solutions that provide password authentication and force users to pick good passwords. They provide additional factors of authentication that are required because passwords alone are too weak. They provide step-up authentication for transactions that are too sensitive for password-only authentication. There’s a whole ecosystem that’s built up around passwords because passwords are terrible. 

The mindset for too many identity leaders is the same as that of World Password Day: passwords are here to stay, and we just have to work harder to make them more secure. 

The message for digital leaders is this: passwords are the bane of your business’ existence, and it’s time for you to upgrade and provide seamless simplicity and security.

We recently launched a multi-channel campaign to create awareness of this challenge and our passwordless solution. The campaign is all about securing unique identities, not unique passwords. We believe that an end to passwords should be our collective goal, and we’re putting that at the center of our company’s mission.

This, of course, is serious business. Sometimes, though, a little levity goes a long way to point out the absurdity of something. In the spirit of unique identities, here are some humorous perspectives from some very unique people, showing us the absurdity of passwords! Enjoy.

Tom Cruise Impersonator  

Robert De Niro Impersonator

Kate Flannery


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