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Here’s How Switching from Push to Passwordless Revitalized a French Finance App

As former accountants, the founders of Regate, a French business-to-business finance and accounting application, set out to create a service that would make life easier...

Fraud & Risk
Protecting Customer Personal Data in the Digital Age

As more and more business is conducted online, customers are entrusting businesses with greater amounts of their personal data — making data security increasingly important...

How to Fortify Microsoft Azure AD B2C with True Passwordless MFA from Transmit Security

We are all too familiar with the problems of passwords. New data from Microsoft provides a unique perspective on the state of cybersecurity based on...

Fraud & Risk
Simulate, Explore and Remediate Attacks with Transmit Security

With many cyberattacks and fraud campaigns today, the threats detected by risk and fraud teams are often only the tip of the iceberg. Most risk...

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Secure Account Opening with Passive Validation

In both real life and in online business, first impressions count. With steep competition for new users, providing a frictionless experience during the first moments...

OpenBullet 2.0 Automates Evasive Attacks, But They Can Be Detected — Here’s How

OpenBullet, a legitimate web testing tool for developers, has grown wildly popular among hackers. Weaponizing open-source software is not new, but this one has cybersecurity ...

How to Quickly Strengthen and Simplify Amazon Cognito with Strong Multi-factor Authentication, Passwordless and Passkeys

The moment Transmit Security partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we became the first AWS Advanced Technology Partner to provide true passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA)...

No, PayPal Wasn’t Hacked — So How Were 35K Accounts Breached, and What Can Be Done to Prevent It?

PayPal is among the most secure and trusted payment services. So how did fraudsters take over 34,942 customer accounts? The attack last month did not...

In the Media
Uncovering the Power of AI: How ChatGPT is Changing the Game in Multiple Industries

ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a chatbot developed by OpenAI based on the GPT-3.5 large language model. It has a remarkable ability to interact...

Fraud & Risk
Detecting Registration Bots: A Case Study

The rise of registration bots The past few years have witnessed a massive increase in new account fraud across a wide range of digital platforms....

Fraud & Risk
Bot Detection Based on Input Method Analysis

As malicious bots become increasingly sophisticated, the differences between human-like bots and trusted users become harder and harder to detect. In this environment, even small...

Fraud & Risk
Detecting User Anomalies and Account Takeover with Advanced Machine Learning

Protecting user accounts from fraud and takeover is a decades-long problem that becomes more complex as fraudsters gain the sophistication and skills to build tools...

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