Transmit Continuous Adaptive Risk

Transmit Security's Continuous Adaptive Risk monitors and orchestrates suspicious activity across channels and applications and dynamically enforces authentication and authorization actions without the need to write custom code into your applications.

Consolidated Cross-Channel Assessment

Most organizations operate in multiple channels. Mobile and Web are the most common digital channels, although contact centers can also play a major role for some organizations. Organizations may also have stores, branches, kiosks, chatbots, and other channels that interact with users. Adaptive risk management requires that risk indicators detected in one channel influence the user’s risk level in other channels, as many modern attacks involve multiple interactions across channels. The Transmit Platform accounts for activity in all channels simultaneously and can authenticate each user across multiple channels based on any detected risk

Integrating Risk, Authorization, and Authentication at Run-time

An adaptive and continuous approach to risk management requires tight integration between risk assessment, authorization, and authentication. User actions that are identified as high-risk must be blocked or protected by stronger authentication measures, and in either case the reaction needs to take place automatically, at run-time, and with as little friction as possible.  Transmit’s exceptional power is easy to access and orchestrate. Its advanced graphical editors allow you to control the user’s journey in a detailed, stepwise, and intuitive manner. These tools give you the power to orchestrate risk indicators, authorization rules and authentication in any way you choose.

Connecting to External Risk Detection Systems

Transmit includes a set of built-in connectors, some generic and some specific, to various third-party risk detection solutions. Examples of third-party solution that Transmit can interact with include RSA, ThreatMetrix, BioCatch, NuData, and Payfone, among others.  There is no need to integrate the third-party system to your applications, as Transmit wraps that system and operates it for you. You can also orchestrate the output of the third-party system with the output of other third-party systems and Transmit’s built-in risk scores and assessment tools.

Transmit Built-in Continuous Risk Detection Capabilities

Transmit includes a set of run-time built-in tools to look for risk indicators such as abnormal user behavior, device anomalies, failed authentication attempts, and suspicious user activity. The platform uses a set of machine learning and profiling technologies to continuously keep track of user activity across channels and detect anomalies. These built-in risk detection capabilities can be also orchestrated with external sources at run-time and the result could dynamically drive various authorization and authentication actions in any channel and application.

Become Agile

Attackers move fast, changing their techniques to bypass various controls. Most of these attacks can be quickly addressed with the right level of agility such as requiring more authentication, adding risk indicators, and orchestrating the right indicators that may flag the attack. The problem is that most of these changes require development cycles and are expensive and long to implement. With Transmit you can avoid these development cycles and quickly change your applications to address any new attack.

Transmit provides a full set of authentication services to manage primary login, multi-factor, and step-up authentication across various applications and channels. The platform includes a large set of built-in authenticators and can also be used to manage any third-party authenticator. Transmit is FIDO certified and can be used to manage any FIDO authenticator alongside non-FIDO authenticators.



Transmit offers role-based access control (RBAC) and attribute-based access control (ABAC) services across all applications. The platform automatically collects device and environmental attributes—for example, location, device type, and connection type—and exposes them to the orchestration engine. The platform is capable of reading entitlements and risk indicators from multiple directories, databases, and engines at the same time, including a built-in entitlement store. 



Transmit provides an easy way to manage identity-related regulatory requirements for privacy and authentication. Managing consents, managing identity-related information, providing easy access to information, and deleting information when requested by users, are all integral parts of the platform. PSD2 RTS capabilities for strong customer authentication are provided out of the box with full control over the user experience.

Regulatory Compliance Services

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