Make your primary authentication invisible
Interested in allowing your users to do more than 90% of their online activity without needing to interactively authenticate? Looking for advanced behavioral and device identification capabilities to authenticate users in the background?
Invisible Authentication

Imagine reducing more than 90% of all interactive authentication processes – providing no passwords or other barriers for most of the activities your customers do online. While the challenge may sound difficult, it is definitely achievable. The secret to solving the challenge is getting to really know your users and their interaction with your applications. Modern devices are not only biometric-ready, but have a variety of sensors to allow better profiling of customer behaviors. Using this knowledge you can let users operate freely, with no interactive authentication, as long as their activity is known and poses no risk to the business or the customer.

Behavioral Profiling

Transmit Security puts behavioral profiling into your digital channel and automatically learns each and every one of your users. This includes the devices each customer uses, login times, login locations, navigation patterns, in-app activity, and more. Most importantly, the system understands the authentication steps each customer takes and what the impact is on their experience. How long did it take to complete? What was the failure rate? What is the abandon rate?

Based on the customer’s behavioral profile the system can make smart decisions to minimize friction. It monitors customer activity inside your applications and disables the need for interactive authentication as long as the customer remains within safe boundaries. Once the customer steps out of these boundaries, primary or secondary authentication processes are triggered.

Simple APIs

Transmit provides simple REST APIs that connect any channel application with invisible authentication and other state of the art authentication techniques. By integrating Transmit into your application you put your customers first and establish a proactive authentication posture that hastens innovation. All your authentication processes get connected to a central brain which understands the best way to reduce friction and improve the experience of each of your customers. You can leverage state-of-the-art authentication techniques, get rid of the annoyance of passwords, reduce costs and and provide a seamless omni-channels experience.

Programming your desired experience

Once your applications are connected to the platform, you can go ahead and build the desired user experience from a central interface. Using this interface, you can decide which applications will use invisible authentication, when, and how, and which users will receive these services and in which conditions. This process, which we refer to as ‘programmable authentication’ provides you with full flexibility. You can go and reprogram the system at any given time without touching the applications themselves.

Analyze results

Information is power. Transmit collects detailed information on all the different aspects of authentication. Using our analytics capabilities, you can understand what works and what doesn’t, where the problems are, what’s the impact of changes you’ve made on your customer-base, and much more.

Get rid of passwords for good
Orchestrate multiple fraud detection sources across channels


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