Orchestrate multiple fraud detection sources across channels
Are too many fraud detection tools and feeds impacting your customer experience? Need a straight-forward solution that correlates them all and gives instant control over secondary authentication processes and transaction limits?
Fraud Orchestration

Today, relying on a single fraud detection solution leaves organizations vulnerable. It is no longer sufficient as fraudsters continue to become more sophisticated. They are increasingly going after the weak links in different channels and finding new ways of compromising customer accounts and manipulating transactions. Adding more fraud detection tools and feeds from different sources and vendors introduces challenges such as keeping a positive customer experience, keeping operational costs under control, and keeping a constant detection rate. An orchestration layer that takes them all together and produces a single fraud decision is required.

Plug In and Out New Detection Capabilities and Feeds

Transmit provides simple REST APIs that connect each of your applications with a central brain which controls the execution and flow of all your fraud detection tools and authenticators. Once integrated, the entire process of adding fraud detection feeds from various vendors becomes extremely easy and doesn’t involve any changes to your applications.

Program your Flows

Transmit provides an easy to use interface or APIs which allow you to program the real-time processing of fraud detection tools and feeds. This interface is completely separated from your applications, which means you can change flows at any given time without touching your applications. You can enable and disable detection tools and feeds, decide where in the application to trigger each tool, correlate results from various data sources in real time, and most importantly, change this at any given time as your security posture changes and you learn more about the quality of each data source.

Add Context

You can enrich your fraud detection process with context from various sources using a set of simple APIs or from Transmit’s own profile engine. For example, you can add context collected from the user’s device such type of hardware, location, and security status. You can add business related context such as account type and account age, and you can create your own context such as risk appetite and service levels. You can then go and integrate this context into the various flows you’ve built. You can also decide to keep context under the user’s profile and use it in the future in different flows.

Take Actions

Since Transit brings together authentication and fraud prevention, you can end each flow with one or more actions that the solution will enforce. Authentication is a simple example where at the end of a specific flow, Transmit Security enforces an authentication process such as biometrics or an OTP. Since Transmit Security is connected to multiple channels this action could be across channels. For example, a flow in the web channel will trigger authentication on the mobile device. Authentication is not the only action you can take with the platform. You can also choose to block the user, block a specific activity, or even instruct the application to change transaction limits or access permissions.


Information is power. Transmit collects detailed information on all the different flows and actions. Using our analytics capabilities, you can understand how each tool and feed functions, which flows provide the best results, how many actions were taken and of what type and their impact on the user experience.

Support Customers

In a dynamic environment with different fraud detection tools, flows and actions, users may end up contacting your call center from various reasons such as failing to authenticate or being blocked. At that point every second matters and you want to have accurate information on what went wrong and how to rectify it immediacy. Transmit provides APIs and an interface for customer support personnel to quickly and efficiently understand the entire flow the user went through, the actions and the results of these actions.

Make your primary authentication invisible
Use biometrics and mobile for secondary authentication


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